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                TPE Sex Dolls

                TPE Sex Dolls is used in every day products because it can be injected and molded in products that require the use of rubber. We are sure that you can find this material in some of the products in your home. It is more affordable than silicone and it has properties such as flexibility, molding ability, soft texture

                Auburn: Red Head Sex Doll B-Cup TPE Sex Doll

                Auburn is an uncommon sex doll with fiery red hair. She is a college student from Seattle, and most of her life has been spent in libraries and classrooms. Auburn loves to read, and she has a very vivid imagination that is always taking her on strange, wild adventures in exciting new places. You’ll be surprised to know that Auburn...

                Alabama: Blonde Bombshell Sex Doll TPE Blonde Barbie Sex Doll

                Alabama is a petite, blonde bombshell from Tuscaloosa, AL. People fall in love with her double-D breasts, full hips and strawberry blonde hair. Alabama has lived all her life in the small Southern town she was born in, but she dreams of traveling to different parts of America to see what the real world is like. Alabama does underwear modeling,...

                Amber: Platnium Blonde Sex Doll Platinum Blonde Sex Doll

                Amber is a high-class, bitch blonde sex doll who adores being spoiled with love, attention and jewelry. “Because I believe I am totally worth it,” she says. “I make slaves of men, and I enjoy my complete sexual power over guys who cannot get enough of my incredible goddess body.” Amber will keep you on a short leash, as long...

                Marisa: TPE Sex Doll with an athletic build 170 cm

                Marisa is a feisty blonde from Venezuela. She moved to the United States a couple of years ago, and works as a fitness instructor in Los Angeles. She specializes in `erotic fitness’ and teaches a lot of men how to please their women in bed. Be sure that she has some pretty amazing moves and positions to surprise you with...

                Big Ass Sex Doll Curvy TPE Sex Doll 160 cm

                We’re certain you’re too busy staring at her tits to care, but the girl who owns these massive beauties is called Kasandra. Having such large breasts is a mixed blessing for this girl. “Of course, I love all the hot stares of hunger and envy I constantly get from guys and girls respectively,” she says. “I love showing them off...

                Big Tits Sex Doll Curvy TPE Sex Doll with big boobs and wide ass

                Ah, Katy… The tall, willowy blonde with big, wet, kissable lips… The first thing you should know about Katy is that she is famous! She was one of the top dolls in the world, who got featured at an `infamous’ Sex Doll Brothel in Europe. “That assignment was SO much fun, being idolized and desired by millions of men from all...

                Christa Geisha Japanese Sex Doll Japanese Sex Doll 161 cm

                Christa was born in the Japanese district of Gion – a geisha neighborhood – where her mother used to be `okiya-san’ (madam) at a geisha house. When Lacey was a child, she used to watch all her mother’s geisha girls having sex with their `dannas’ (patrons), and she learnt so much about the art of physical love from watching their...

                Big Ass Milf Sex Doll B-Cup TPE Sex Doll 156 cm

                Farah is an ombre-haired sex doll in her mid- 30s. Unlike most dolls in the market she is not super young. And neither is she skinny. Her big, poundable ass and strong thighs set her apart as someone really special “I am an experienced woman who has lived a full life, and my body is mature and exciting for guys...

                Blair: Skinny Blonde Sex Doll A-Cup TPE Sex Doll 155 cm

                Blair is `Miss Congeniality’ of the Silicon Wives website. Her warm, gentle nature wins hearts wherever she goes and even the other sex dolls are not jealous of her because she is such a kind and genuine sort of person. We call Blair the `marrying’ kind. She’s a perfect choice for someone who is looking for love and companionship as...