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1 Box Golean Herbal Tea- Natural Weight Loss- 3 Days Delivered

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About us: We are authorized Golean Distributor in USA so you can buy with confidence! Our products are 100% authentic or 10X money back. We work direct with the manufacturer so if you have any questions about the products don’t hesitate to contact us we are willing to assist you. Thank you!

Ingredient: Green Tea, Pure Grapefruit, Lotus leaves, Pure tumeric, Jiaogulan, Cassia seed, Lingzhi, Momordica charantia, Jasminum subtriplinerve, Talinum paniculatum

Golean Detox will help you:

Immediately: 1-4 kg after just 14 days

Immediately: 2-10 kg after only 28 days.

Absolutely: No side effects; Not tired. While you: No harsh diet, No need to exercise hard. Get a slimmer waistline + Smooth, youthful skin, and even more: Eliminate excess fat, especially the abdomen, upper arm, calf. Detoxify the liver, reduce blood fat. Intestinal purification. Remove toxins from the body, prevent disease. Firming muscle, beautiful skin, bloody menstruation. Special benefits milk, milk for mothers after birth. Limit energy intake and reduce appetite.

Very easy to use: With the Golean Detox formula, weight loss formula (1 cup of water + 2 servings of Golean Detox) every morning before eating 30 minutes. Need more water (3-4 liters / day). Water will help the process of burning fat and toxins out of the body effectively. Add green vegetables and fruits to provide energy to the body. Absolutely not skip meals, especially breakfast. Eat less, eat before 20h and should use vegetables, fruit instead of starch and fat.

Objects to use: People who are overweight in the age of 12-7

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