Peineili Penis Enlarger Pump Adult Men Penis Extender Toy

Peineili Penis Enlarger Pump Adult Men Penis Extender Toy



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Get this vacuum penis device to achieve your desired penis size – large, stocky, and fully shaped manhood. Break away from the pack, rise above men with small dicks, and be confident with your new penis.

  • See penis growth in 30 days
  • Easy to use constriction pump
  • Cost saving penis enlarger
  • Also, cures Peyronie’s disease
  • Stronger harder erections

Order your Peineili Penis Enlarger Pump today. This is our most in-demand pump, get yours now!

Within 30 days from your start of use, you will be having solid and hard erections that can make your wife shiver in pleasure. Available now, for a limited stock, the professionally tested Peineili Penis Enlarger.

Regular pump use helps oxygen flow naturally into the blood in your penis. Best alternative to penis surgeries, injections, and pills.

Product Specifications:

Quantity: 1 piece
Material: PC, TPR
Size: 290mm x 75mm

Key Features

  • Made of superior quality solid plastic
  • Cylinder length x width: 22cm x 6.7cm
  • Silicone Catheter length x diameter: 60cm x 0.85cm
  • 90% more affordable than penis surgery
  • Allows oxygenated blood to flow naturally into the penis
  • Helps your penis to be harder, stronger and longer
  • The exercise relaxes and calms you before actual sex
  • Includes pressure measuring gauge
  • The kit includes the pump, clear tube, and constriction ring

Product Description

Say goodbye to oral medicines, surgery, and injections. Let the lesser men suffer those outdated methods of penis enlargement. Here, you’re offered with the real thing, not some hoax that may or may not work. This is real talk coming from the heart of men who have tried it.

Bypass all the pain and go straight for the kill with Peineili Penis Pump. All you need to do is get this pump and start seeing results in the next two weeks.

This ultra modern Peineili Penis Enlarger Pump features the immaculate plastic tube, a sturdy hand pump, and constriction rings.

The constriction ring operates in a way that to prevent blood from returning to the body, constricting it to stay in the genitals. In reality, the longer the erections last, the more your penis learn to hold on to blood permanently.

Tips for Best Use

  • Warm up your penis with circular motions and stretches using your hand
  • Lubricate your penis and the cylinder
  • Insert your penis in the transparent plastic tube
  • Take deep breaths and relax
  • This vacuum pulls blood into the penile veins, which allows your penis for a raging erection
  • When your penis builds inside the cylinder, put the constriction ring around the base

“I have had my Peineili pump for 5 months now  and I use it 2-3 times a week. I gained almost an inch and I find that my endurance and stamina has increased exponentially and of course my erections are rock hard.” – M. Franklin, Hampton, GA 

All the benefits of hard stocky manhood can be yours, order Peineili Penis Pump now. The product is in limited stock.

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