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Prostofine – Prostate Swelling Pills

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Get Prostofine Prostate Pills for relief and treatment of your prostate enlargement and swelling.

  • Calms swollen or enlarged prostate glands
  • Helps treat BPH or benign prostatic hypertrophy
  • Normalize your peeing problem

Order Prostofine Prostate Pills today and experience comfort from your prostate problems!

Prostofine Prostate Pills help restore your prostate health. It’s a scientifically blended formula with great doses of Saw Palmetto Extract, which is known to provide treatment in male prostate gland problems.

Product Specification

  • 90 capsules per bottle
  • Take two capsules a day


Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed extracts, Stinging Nettle

Product Description

Prostofine is a medical blend of known prostate supplemental herb, Saw Palmetto Extract. It’s specially developed for the treatment of swelling prostate glands. This illness is commonly known in the medical community as BPH or benign prostatic hypertrophy. This medical problem affects mostly men above 60 years old.

BPH is not necessarily a cancer of the prostate. However, if the prostate swells in an individual, it pinches their urine tube or urethra. This is where the problems occur as it causes painful urination. This also forces a man to frequent trips to the bathroom.

How does Prostofine work?

The enlarged prostate is said to be caused by the increased testosterone conversions to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in your prostate.

DHT stimulates the prostate cells production. However, excessive DHT formation leads to prostate enlargement or hyperplasia. Another cause is estrogen which inhibits the removal of the DHT.

There are different processes that Prostofine uses to treat BPH. This also includes stopping DHT production, inhibiting DHT binding to the receptors as well as promoting the complete breakdown.

Directions for best use

Take two capsules of Prostofine a day. Regularly take the pill until you start noticing huge improvements on how you feel. You can then reduce the intake to just 1 capsule per day.

Most men start seeing improvements after 1 month, though you should take it, at least up to 3 months. Consider adjusting the dose to one capsule per day during this period.

Are there side effects?

There are very few cases of appearances of adverse effects in the body. This depends on the general health and condition of the person. Always follow the directions of use, such as do not overdose, to avoid complications.

Some of the minor issues that come up include dizziness, nausea, appetite loss, rashes, and wheezing. Some of the effects appear temporarily or tolerable to others. However, if there are unusual pain and extreme complication, stop using and consult your doctor immediately.

Why buy Prostofine?

In the past, men who needed relief from a prostate swelling turn only to surgery. Of course, you know how risky, dangerous, and costly this would be. Eventually, drug companies came out with medicines to provide you with choices to treat swelling of the prostate.

Prostofine is a helpful treatment for those with problems in BPH, Benign prostatic hyperplasia, or swollen prostate glands. This helps ease the symptoms as it calms the bladder muscles and your prostate.

“My go-to product for prostate maintenance. Really improved my peeing problems after a month of use.” – Thomas T. 

Order Prostofine Prostate Pills now and start having relief in your prostate swelling or enlargement!

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