• XXL Vigor Maximo - Male Extender Cream - Men Guide Store
  • XXL Vigor Maximo - Male Extender Cream - Men Guide Store
  • XXL Vigor Maximo - Male Extender Cream - Men Guide Store
  • XXL Vigor Maximo - Male Extender Cream - Men Guide Store
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XXL Vigor Maximo - Male Extender Cream

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Vigor Maximo is a massage cream with revolutionary active principles Applied regularly on the penis, it increases it volume and vigour It combines the action of hands during the massage It shapes the penis and gives it an extraordinary appearance Latex compatible and dermatologically tested

Benefits : 

Increase the Length of the Penile Organ

Promotes strength of the Organ.

Increase the amount of Sperms for more lasting pleasure.

Increase the Girth and Thickness.

Promotes Blood supply to the Organ.

Reduced over-sensitivity to last longer.

Penetrated more deeper and with volume

Promotes strength of the Organ...

How to use:

Every day after bathing, massage evenly throughout the penis and stick the long-term use can reach the perfect time to experience.

Massage method

Open the palm of your hand, from the scrotum root up to the glans

Left and right palm oppose equal rub, pull up from the root massage

Left and right palm against the parallel root pull up the massage to the glans

Index finger from the glans clockwise massage the glans around

Left and right index finger clamped penis down to pull up massage penis

Right hand holding the penis massage, left three fingers pressure penis roots

Right hand pulling massage penis, left palm massage the lower part of the scrotum


According to the cycle of the use of more satisfactory results, 35 years of age under a three-cycle, 35 years of age over 4 a cycle, the results of the product reflects the speed of individual physical absorption of different circumstances, the intensity of massage should be appropriate, the speed should not be too fast,midway ejaculation will affect the effect.


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